Client Testimonials

"Rebecca truly is the total package. She is professional and knowledgeable yet relaxed and funny. She is supportive and sensitive yet focused and will push you if needed. Rebecca has a real genuine commitment to helping people become the best versions of themselves. I have only been seeing her for a few months but I know that I will continue to see her for much longer based on the support and guidance she has given me so far and the change that I have seen in myself and in my life. I look forward to every appointment I have scheduled and always leave feeling focused and accomplished. The office is conveniently located, clean and comfortable."

"I have been working with Rebecca, for 4 years - first in partnership with my husband and now by myself. Rebecca is an excellent listener who not only hears what I say, but quite perceptively also hears what I don't say. Her kind, gentle and empathic manner welcomes me to open up and share what needs to be shared - even if I'm not aware that I needed to share "that particular aspect of myself." She has exacting insight and gained my trust in our first session together. She constantly advocates for my health, happiness and well-being and has changed my life significantly for the better over the 4 years we've worked together. She is rare find in the world of Psychologists and I very highly recommend her as a therapist."

I have been seeing Rebecca Murphy on a weekly or bi weekly basis since January of 2013. Rebecca's expertise, compassion, and understanding of what it's like to have struggles makes her someone I trust fully. I have made great steps in my self awareness, happiness, and overall health thanks to her help. I'm lucky to have been able to book with her, and anyone who get's the chance in the future I'm sure will be as well."

"I drive over an hour to see Rebecca; and not because there aren't hundreds of therapists closer to me, but because she is worth the drive. She is amazing at what she does. It is very laid back in her office. Honestly, it feels more like I'm talking with a close friend than with a therapist. Only instead of just nodding and agreeing with everything, like a friend, she helps guide the conversation in a constructive way to bring clarity amongst the situations at hand. I've been seeing her on and off for years. Her door is always open and she never makes me feel pressured to keep making appointments. I know she is always there when I need her. I really don't have enough nice things to say about her; she's a wonderful person and she is great at what she does."

If my life was the basis of a movie, no one would believe it was true. I needed someone who would listen and not be judged me. Rebecca helped me understand what I needed, verbalize it and take action. It was not easy but now I am less stressed, feel better and happier. I am still a work in progress but could not be where I am today without Rebecca's help and guidance."