Counseling Services

Couples Counseling

Serving Couples to improve the relationship you value

Being a couple and living together is a challenge. Life stressors - bills, parenting, family dynamics and individual needs exist in the flow of your primary relationship. Communication, honesty, trust and intimacy are the foundation of a healthy relationship. I see it as my mission to assist couples in mastering those qualities in their relationship. My philosophy in couples counseling is to be the last person in the room to give up on the relationship. I promise to advocate for the success for the relationship, while giving each partner the skills to improve.

Counseling Adults

Assisting you in being the person you are striving to be

As adults, there are many issues and pressures that require us to make difficult choices or adjustments in order to meet life’s challenges. Counseling is a wonderful way to work with a professional to assist you with some of the stresses affecting your wellbeing. Individual counseling is based on your needs and goals. I use a variety of therapeutic techniques including cognitive reframing, reflections, motivational interviewing, challenging perceptions, imparting information, and empty chair. It is very important that you trust and feel comfortable with your therapist. My highest priorities are your confidentiality, comfort and confidence.

Areas of Specialization:



Mood Disorders

Impulse Control

Adjustment to Change

Relationship Issues


Workplace Stressors


Counseling Adolescents

Assisting you and your family navigate the challenges that accompany adolescent development

Working with teens is one of my first loves in the counseling process. Today adolescents are faced with an inordinate number of stressors and those can manifest in a variety of maladaptive coping skills and behaviors. I use cognitive behavioral therapy and the strengths approach to engage adolescents and help them process the issues facing them. I hold individual sessions with teens, but also feel parental involvement is essential to success. My hope is that parents are willing to participate in a session without their child at least once every 6-8 weeks in order to check in on the progress at home and to discuss concerns.