Confidentiality and It's Limits

Your treatment offers you the assurance that everything you say in a session with me is confidential, meaning I cannot share it with anyone outside of the two of us without a signed written release from you. The only time I can and must violate your confidence is in the following instances: If you told me you were going to kill yourself or someone else I will contact the police, hospital and any other individuals you name. If you tell me that a child or elderly person are being abused, I will report that to the State of New Hampshire. I do this to protect your safety and the safety of others.

I reside right here in the local community. If I see you at any time outside of the office, I will walk right by you with a smile. However, I will not acknowledge you unless you say "Hello" first. This is not to be rude in any way, simply to protect your confidentiality. If you say "Hello" I will be happy to greet you, or stop and chat, but I will take my cue from you.

Confidentiality: Keeping Personal Things Private